Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"USS Malvern" Sheet 2 of 2

"USS Malvern" Drawing #2
Artwork by Erik Heyl - photo # NH 63855 - US Navy Dept.

"USS Malvern" was assigned to the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron.
She became the flagship of Admiral David Dixon Porter.  She participated
in the campaign that resulted in the capture of Fort Fisher, North Carolina
 by Union forces in December, 1864 and January, 1865.  She captured
blockade-running steamers "Stag" and "Charlotte" 19 January off New Inlet,
North Carolina, and participated in the attack on Fort Anderson, Cape
Fear River.  Her last notable service for the Navy was to convey the President
up the James River to Richmond, Virginia, when that city was evacuated
by the Confederates, 2 April, 1865.  "USS Malvern" was decommissioned
24 October 1865 at New York City.
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