Saturday, March 7, 2015

Bailey's Dams

Bailey's Dams: Admiral Porter had his 10 warships, now below the Lower
Falls on the Red River, thanks to Lt. Col. Bailey of the Federal Engineers.
 The ships rescued from low water on the river were the ; Neosho,
Osage, Hindman, and finally on May 11 & 12 the remaining warships
 and gunboats; Mound City, Pittsburg, Carondolet, Chillicothe, Louisville,
 and Ozark.

Engineer Bailey recieved for this success, a personal $700 sword from Admiral
 Porter, a $1600 silver vase from the Navy, a special vote of thanks from
Congress, and later a two step promotion to Brigadier General.

Admiral Porter said of the former Wisconsin logger in his report, "words are
inadequate to express the admiration I feel for the abilities of Lt. Col. Bailey.
This is without a doubt the best engineering feat ever performed.  Under the
best circumstnces a private company would not have completed the work
in under a year, and to an ordinary mind the whole thing would have appeared
an utter impossibility."

Reference: S. Foote, "Civil War, Red River To Appomattox (Vintage Books - 1974)

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