Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"USS Malvern" Sheet 1 of 2

"USS Malvern" Sheet 1 of 2
Built as "William W. Hewes" in 1860 for Charles Morgan's Southern Steamship
Co., Wilmington Delaware, and commenced service between New York
and New Orleans, Louisiana, 11 January 1861.  The "W. G. Hewes" was seized
 by the Governor of Louisiana and put into immediate service as a
Confederate Blockade- Runner.  When Admiral Farragut captured
 New Orleans, "Hewes" was shifted in her operations to Charleston and
 Wilmington, N.C..  In 1863 she was renamed "Ella and Annie" and renewed
blockade running to Bermuda.  She was intercepted by the "USS Niphon"
off New Inlet, N.C.  "Niphon" captured  the "Ella and Annie" and took
her to Boston with a prize crew.  Here she was hastily sold to the Navy,
armed, renamed "USS Malvern," provisionally commissioned at
 Boston Navy Yard,  10 December and immediately sent to sea to intercept
the, "Chesapeake".  The"Chesapeake" was found abandoned, taken to
Halifax, Nova Scotia, and there turned over to the British authorities.  The
"USS Malvern" was formally commissioned 9 February, 1864 at the
Boston Navy Yard.  General Characteristics; Displacement,
1,477 tons; Length, 239 ft. 4in. (72.95m); Beam, 33 ft. (10m); Draft, 10Ft.
(3.0 m); Propulsion, Steam Engine.
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