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Fortress Study, Page 1

Fortress Study -- The fourteen drawings (Sheets #1 and 2)
are a list of the defences erected in the Spanish Highlands
by the British army to either stop or delay the forces of
Napoleon during the Peninsular wars of the early 19th and
late 18th century. The artillery firing angles  and ranges
intersected because most of these fortifications were so
constructed on hilltops within cannon rrange of each other.

S. S. Washington

The "Washington" was the first river boat on the Mississppi River to be constructed
 by Henry Shreve.  The idea of the boat was to put the steam engine and
other machinery on the Main deck and the cargo and passengers on the upper decks.
However, before Shreve could use the ship to his advantage, the boiler blew up
 and destroyed the "Washington".  Undaunted Mr. Shreve immediately
set to building another.

S. S. Heliopolis

The S. S. Heliopolis was the twin-hulled ship designed and built by
Henry Shreve, in order to clear the Red River Raft, under a
government contract

Map of the Red River Raft Vicinity

Red River Raft #2

Another view of the downstream end of the Red River Raft

Red River Raft

End of the "Raft" on the Red River.

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