Saturday, March 28, 2015

USS -- CSS Ram, Queen of the West, Sheet 2 of 3

"USS Ram, Queen of the West" -- Photo NH61917-KN watercolor. "USS Ram, Queen of the West" (1862).
In Feb, 1863 she was sunk off Fort de Russy, Red River. The ship was raised and repaired for the Confederate Navy, and afterwards became the "CSS Queen of the West."  Later with the "CSS Webb", the 'Queen' forced the "USS Indianola" aground and captured it near the mouth of the Red River.  On April 14, 1863, in Grand Lake, the 'Queen' was attacked by three Union gunboats ["USS Estrella, Calhoun, and Arizona] and set afire by long-range incindiary  shells and sunk.  The above sketch (original) by Mr. McCullagh ("Harper's Weekly" -- 21 March, 1863 -Operating on the Red River, Louisiana, 14 Feruary, 1863, as a US Ram, Gunboat.) -- {Wikipedia Foundation Inc.}  Sheet 2 of 3

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