Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What Ship!!!???

What Ship??  If you recognize this ship please let me know!

Response - Major Greg Webster answered my request in letting me know that
the above ship is the "USS Tuscumbia" a steam gunboat.

The ship is named for Tuscumbia, Alabama;
Builder - Joseph Brown;
Laid Down - 1862;
Commisioned  - 12 March, 1863;
Displacement - 915 Long Tons (930 t);
Draft - 7 ft, (2.1m);
Propulsion - Steam Engine, two enclosed paddle wheels;
Armament - 3x 11in. (250mm) Dahlgren Smoothbores;
                    - 2x 9 in. (230mm) Dahlgren Smoothbores;

A further description of the ship together with her battle experience  during 
the Civil War can be found at:


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