Friday, January 2, 2015

Union Redoubt

My apologies for this map and above redoubt sketch being out of sequence.  This project has been developed over the last month and my battle sequence is a tad out of the listing order.
Col. Lyman (TL) referred to the colors of the divisional HQ flags and corps badges worn by the troops.  Colors were assigned to the first three divisions of a corps as red, white, and blue in order; a fourth division would be green.  Corps badges were: First Corps - Orb (Black Circle); Second Corps - Trefoil (Black Club); Third Corps - Black Diamond; Fifth Corps - Maltese Cross; Sixth Corps - Greek Cross; Eleventh Corps - Crescent; Twelth Corps - Star, Cavalry Corps - Crossed Swords.  Location of the cavalry was marked with a "c."
The river indicated on the above drawing is the Rapahannock River.

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