Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"CSS-USS Tennessee"

"CSS Tennessee" (1864-1864); later "USS Tennessee" (1864-1867);
a 1,273 ton ironclad ram, built at Selma, Alabama; launched
in February, 1863; and her outfitting was completed
at Mobile where she was commissioned in February, 1864,
and served as the flaghip of Admiral Franklin Buchanan
 for the defenses of Mobile Bay.  She was battered into
 surrender in the Battle of Mobile Bay.  The ship was taken
into the Union Navy as the "USS Tennessee" and was
employed in the capture of Fort Morgan.  Later she was sent to
New Orleans for repairs.  She subsequently served with the
US Navy's Mississippi Squadron until the end of the
Civil War.  She was decommissioned in August, 1865,
and sold for scrapping in November, 1867.

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