Thursday, August 15, 2013

Union Camp, Look Park, August, 1863 -- #82-413

This camp was set up in one of the open forest areas in Look Park.  It was almost
 all in the shade of large trees, both coniferus and decidunous.  There was
 a small narrow paved or gravel road, as indicated, through the camp.
There was a small gazebo in the southwestern part of the encampment.
This structure was at the highest point of the encampment and looked
 over the large skirmish field.  The main park road passed by on the eastern
 side of the encampment with heavy brush and trees lining the main road to the
east.  On the western side of the encampment was a steep grade leading into a
 wagon-park just below the camp.  The internal camp road had two outlets to the
 main camp road.  The two camp roads divided and went down both sides of the
encamment area, so that the whole area was accessible by wagon.

This report made by:

Ian Mckay, BG, CE, Topographical Engineers
Chief Engineer
New England Reenactment Brigade

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