Thursday, August 15, 2013

Proposed Double Pontoon Bridge

The above proposed double pontoon bridge was requested by the
Major Commanding the Union forces at Look Park.  The double
bridge was to have a double road connecting to the main
road on both sides of the stream.  The bridges were to consist
of three pontoons each with heavy beams supporting a plank
road.  The pontoon bridge was requested in case the Confederates
had mined the present bridge in some way.  Requests were conveyed
by telegraph, and runner for the following:

--Bridge Field Supervisor (Major Webster)
--Bridge Foreman (sgt.)
--Blacksmith with portable forge and tools;
--One platoon of pioneers;
--Six pontoons and all support materials from the pontoon train.

Project Approved by Ian McKay BG, CE, Topographical Engineers,
Chief Engineer, New England Reenactment Brigade

The project was approved by the Major, Commanding.


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