Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pizza Party Minutes, Topog. Unit, Dec. 7, 2014

>>>> Pizza Party Minutes, Topog. Unit, Dec. 7, 2014 <<<<


-- Ian McKay, BG, CS, CE, TE;
-- Lt. Col. James Duarte;
-- Major Greg Webster;
-- Lt. John Proctor;
-- Lady Heidi Webster, Unit Hostess;
-- Lady Margaret Mathews, Treasurer;
-- Lady Jennifer (by cell phone).

After the camaraderie and the lunch, the following items were put forward and discussed:

1.  It was suggested by Ian McKay that the unit should make every effort to make the historic houses / organizations in the state of Conn. aware of the unit, it's purpose and what it is capable of doing.  It was agreed that Ian McKay would gather together the contact information for such historic places and then a unit flier would be put together and sent to all the historic, houses and parks in Conn.  This will be done when the flier and list of houses and other historic places are approved by Major Webster;

2.  Make arrangements to view the 4" plank lumber, cut and dried a few years ago, for the purpose of building a couple of gun carriages.  Also make arrangements to view the fourth cannon barrel and look into sending the cannon barrel and plank lumber to Fort Trumbull.  On the day following the meeting, B. G. Ian McKay, Major Webster, and Lt. Proctor visited the storage area at the Ledyard Courthouse.  Discussions with the Ledyard Mayor's office revealed that the old storage areas had been torn down and the 4" in. lumber and the 24 pdr. gun had been moved to the Nathan Lester House.  It was agreed that Ian McKay would contact the Ranger at Fort Trumbull to see if we could store the lumber in the wood storeroom, and if we could bring the fourth cannon barrel into the fort.  Meanwhile the Mayor's Asst. would clear the way for the Ledyard town to donate the gun barrel to Fort Trumbull.  Ian McKay, and Lady Mathews visited Fort Trumbull that afternoon, but found the fort closed, and no-one in the fort offices.  A copy of this report will be sent to the Fort Trumbull Ranger's office when approved;

3.  Copies of the latest maps, plans, and drawings were provided to Lt. Col. Duarte, Major Webster, and Lt. Proctor;

4. The unit treasury is now -- $1,032;

5.  No action will be taken on making up a final decision on next year's (2015) Topog Unit Event schedule until after the Proposed Brigade Event List Meeting in January.  Other activities (Fort Adams, Fort Taber, Paid Unit activities , etc.) must also wait until after the Jan. Mtg.  The event list for 2015, is beginning to look rather full.  Major Webster reported that he had been in contact with Fort Tabor office.

6.  A couple of new ideas for special activities in the coming season was discussed.  At the present these ideas are just that; ideas.  They will be discussed further after the Jan. Brigade Meeting, and a further Pizza Place meeting sometime in Jan. or Feb.;

7. The new tent fly has been purchased and delivered.  It is somewhat larger than the old fly.  The old flies tent poles, ropes and pegs will be used with the new fly.  Ideas about what the old fly will be used for, are asked for.  As it presently is, the old fly is still good for shade, but not good for rain;

 Major Webster indicates that he is in negotiations with the Pine Point School in Stonington CT. to conduct a 45 minute to one hour presentation on the Topographical Engineers.  I have drafted a letter to them telling them what we do and suggesting a $100.00 donation to us.  We will see what happens.

 Major Webster has indicated that he will be contacting the president of the Ekonk Grange again this year to see if they are interested in us doing our annual (so far) presentation for $125.

Respectfully Submitted;

Ian McKay, BG, CS, CE, TE

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