Monday, May 14, 2012

Fort Trumbull Work Party (May, 2012)

Ladies and Gentlemen.

>>>>  Those who attended the Work Party  <<<<

--Lt. Greg Webster;

--Lt. John Proctor

--Lt. Col. Jim Mathews;

--Lady Heidi Webster

>>>>  Those who notified me of their planned absence
 and were excused as a result were  <<<<

--Major James Duarte;
--Capt. Ray Germain;

--Lady Maryanne Germain.

>>>>  Accomplished Work List  <<<<
--Designed and made wooden curtain-hangers for metal shelving units (2);

--Cut and put together the front and side curtains with tie-backs  on the metal shelving units (2);

--Made up and attached two wine labels to additional wine bottles (total of five);

--Designed  and Constructed two double bunks for the jail;

--Removed and stored two torn folding bunks from the jail and they will be repaired for further use;

--Cut wood for one bunk chest to be put together at the next work party ( 50% complete);

--Reworked a donated outdoors display case, and redesigned it for interior use (70% complete);

--Designed and drew up plans for make-over shelving in the Display and Jr. Officer's rooms;

--Cut wood for the standing shelving in the Jr. Officer's Room, to be put together at the next work party (50% complete);

--Designed a submitted material list to Ranger Jon to consider repairing the large hole in the wall above the fireplace in the engineer's bunk-room.  We will need the approval of the ranger , so that we can present the work list to the "Friends of Fort Trumbull" for the funding of the materials.

--Replaced furniture that had move moved and not replaced in the Chief Engineer's Office and Display Room.


Jim Mathews
Cdr. -- Northeastern Topographical Engineers (Reenactment Unit -- NETE) 



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