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Work Party, Fort Trumbull, AAR, 07/18/11

From: James Mathews
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Subject: Fwd: [TopogEng] Work Party Monday the 18th, July, 1863 (#071811)

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From: James Mathews
Date: July 19, 2011 12:09:38 PM EDT
Subject: Re: [TopogEng] Work Party Monday the 18th, July, 1863 (#071811)

Lt. General U. S. Grant
All Union Armies

Brig. Gen. M. Burbank
New England Brigade

Major D. Erickson
Commandant (acting)
U. S. Corps of Topographical Engineers

Honored Sirs:

I beg your kind indulgence to bring to you the Chief Engineer's report of the volunteer work completed at Fort Trumbull, New London, Ct. on July 18. 1863.

Engineers Present:

Ian McKay, Brig. Gen. of Engineers (by brevet);
Major James Duarte;
Capt. Raymond Germain;
2nd Lt. Greg Webster;
Lady Webster (artist);
Lady Mathews (teamster).

The Morning began at the Fort Trumbull Parking Lot at 10:00 A.M. All were gathered there and proceeded to the fort interior. Being brought into the fort were the following items:

--Donated 1/2 horse Table Saw;
--Three sewn cases for bunk displays;
--Paint, Brushes and material for work on metal stands;
--Stencils for Rifle boxes.

Items Completed:

--Rifle Box (finished carpentry work and stenciled both sides of the box) ;
--Table top extension;
--Painted four upright metal stands white;
--Constructed and painted black two sets of fire-place andirons (dogs) of wood, to support the fireplace logs.

Your Most Dedicated Servant;

Very Respectfully;

Ian McKay, Brig. Gen. of Engineers (by brevet);
Chief Engineer;
Chief of Staff (acting)
Lt. General U. S. Grant's Personal and Military Staffs

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