Monday, June 6, 2011

USS Covington

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Served in the Tennessee River to convoy Union Army transports (1863). Transferred in June of that year to the Mississippi River for similar duty there, and also for duty on the Black, Red and White Rivers.

In April of 1864, while escorting the army transport down the Red river, the Covington was engaged by a Confederate force on shore which severely damaged the vessel with gunfire. The crew then burned the vessel to avoid it from falling into Confederate hands, and escaped capture y fleeing to a Federal command.

Ship Information:--

Displacement -- 224 tons;
Length -- 126 ft. (38m);
Beam -- 37 ft. (11m);
Depth of Hold -- 6 ft. 6 in. (1.98m);
Propulsion -- Steam Engine; side wheel prpelled;
Speed -- unknown;
Complement -- 76;
Armament -- 2, 30 pdr. rifles; 2, 50 pdr. rifles, 4, 24 pdr smoothbores;
Armor -- Tin Clad.

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