Friday, February 5, 2010

The Battle of Honey Hill #2

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This is the second Map of the Battle of Honey Hill. Some of the printed items follow:

Note 1 - This map was prepared for Col Colcock, who remarked that it was accurate but exaggerated the size of the Confederate defense works. Lt. Col Colcock was the Commander of the Confederate Forces in the area around Grahamsville, but at the time of the battle, was some fifty miles away.

Note 2 - Confederate works, one hundred yards long with six guns of field artillery.

Note 3 - Line of battle of the Confederates included about one and one half miles.

Note 4 - Distance from Grahamsville to Boyd's Landing - seven miles.

Note 5 - Distance from Grahamsvulle to Honey Hill - five and one half miles.


A- Confederate Batteries;
B-Low swampy ground with slash of water at the foot of Honey Hill;
D-Causeway with ridge where the Federals were checked;
E-Line of Federal entrenchments;
F-One Confederate gun on Coosawatchee Road, not engaged;
1.-Major Jackson's Battalion;
3.-Georgia Reserves;
3.-Major Jenkins;
4.-49th Georgia Reserves;
5.-Major Cookes Battalion;
6.-32nd Georgia Reserves;
7.-General Smith, Confederate Commander of Confederate Reenforcements.

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