Saturday, November 28, 2009

Colcannon / Champ

Ladies and Gentlemen:


--8 irish potatoes;
--1 head of cabbage;
--1/4 lb. of butter

Peel and boil the potatoes. Boil the cabbage
separately. Drain and chop the cabbage..
Drain and mash the potatoes. Mix the
potatoes and cabbage together. There
should be about twice as much potatoes and
cabbage. Add butter, salt, and pepper to
taste and mix well. If you add in some
turnips mashed in place of two of the
potatoes, you have what is called "CHAMP."
Some recipes call for milk to make the mix
creamy, and some for chopped onions.
Colcannon is a traditional dish on All
Hallows Eve (Halloween). In london the
mixed vegetables are fried gently in lard.
The frying causes the mixture to make
some odd noises, hence the nickname ---
"bubble and squeak." I have tried all the
variations and I like them all. I think this is
a great dish, tasty easy to make and hearty,


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  1. Very interesting! :) Enjoying the blog. Looking forward to more posts!