Sunday, August 31, 2014

First Manassus

Engineer's Associated with producing this drawing:

Capt. A. W. Whipple;
1st Lt. Abbot;
1st Lt. N. S. Putnam

Battle of Port Royal Sound

Captain DuPont's (Union) Attack on Forts Walker and Beareguard,
the guardians of the entrance to the sound.

Civil War Secession/Loyal/Neutral (Slave or Free) States


Shelby Foot, "Civil War, Vol I," P. 52

"U. S. S. Monongahela"

"USS Monongahela"
The steamship/warship "Monongahela" showing injuries received in the
Battle of Mobile Bay.  The drawing (redrawn) is from a sketch made after the
Battle of Mobile

Lighthouse Tower, Clarke's Point, New Bedford, Mass. -- Fort Taber / Rodman

General Rosecran's Headquarters at Stone's River

Friday, August 1, 2014