Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Confederate Advance on Fort Craig

Broad Map of the Confederate Advance on Fort Craig;

(1) Confederates leave Fort Bliss Jan. 2;
(2) Confederates leave Fort Thorn (abandoned) Feb. 7;
(3) Confederates arrive at Fort Craig Feb. 16;
(4) Battle of Valverde Feb. 21, 1862.

Battle of Valverde, Feb. 21, 1862

Battle of Valverde

Gettysburg -- Culp's Hill

July 3, 1863, 10:00 A. M. -- Gettysburg, Culp's Hill

The 123rd New York and the rest of McDougall's brigade hunkered down just North of the Baltimore Pike after Magor-GeneralEdward Johnson'r Divisioncatured their breastworks.  Union artillery South of the Pike fired over the brigade on July 3rd.

Reference: Civil War Times (Aug. - 2013), "Hundreds of Rebels Lay There," D. Scott Hartwig, Supervisory Historian, Gettysburg National Park

Confederate Win at Gaine's Mill

Confederate Winning Charge at Gaine's Mill

Brig. Gen. John Porter's V Corps held a strong position on the Army of the Potomics right flank which was isolated North of the Chickahominy River.  General R. E. Lee wished to dislodge this stand.  His first piecemeal Rebel attacks were thrown back by the Federals, but an all-out Rebel assault, late in the day, finally broke through the Federal Lines.