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C and O Canal Lock

USS Ozark

Turret: USS Ozark had a large turret with an inside diameter  of 30 ft. (6m);
Draft: USS Ozark had an extremely shallow draft of 5 ft (1m), enabling the
     ship to navgate in shallow waters;
Engines: USS Ozark could only reach the speed of 2.5 knots.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fort Donelson and Environs

Following the capture of Fort Henry on the Tennessee River, General
Grant immediately moved to the Cumberland River, and in consort with
flag-officer Foote and his river gunboats, atacked Fort Donelson.  Gen.
Buckner surrendered Fort Donelson on Feb. 17th, 1862.

Battle of Pea Ridge

Col. Carr chose to meet the coming Confederate Forces and so began
 the battle.  The fighting raged through that late January day, first
in favor of the Federals, and then the Confederates.  The next morning the
Federals had maintained the fighting edge for a closely fought Federal victory.